Cabalgatas Valiceras

About Us

Cabalgatas Valiceras is a family business of adventure travel. Our services focus on guided trail rides based on best practices in responsible and sustainable tourism.

Our project started at the beginning of 2004; the support and recognition our clients give to our services made us the leading trail rides company in Rocha.

Our rides are in charge of local guides specialized in local nature and history, as well as in the art of riding horses.

OUR MISSION: Make your horse ride an unforgettable and safe experience, since we know what your well-deserved holidays mean to you! We respect the surrounding environment: flora, fauna and local culture, as well as we respect our travel companions, which are part of our family… our horses!

There is no need to be a professional rider for these adventures, we take care of providing you with all the necessary tools, and also of selecting a horse that matches your profile. We will be willing to optimize your horse riding skills.

To sum up, we are young people with plenty of experience joining the coast of Rocha to equestrian life.


Living the best trail rides!
Horses carefully looked after and selected for each type of rider.
There are rides for every level.
Ideal for families or groups of friends.
Come on and live this adventure! We will take care of your safety.
Stories, nature and local culture.
The best specialized guides.

Excellent horses and the mosto comfortable saddles.




  • Cel: +(598) 99 574 685
  • Information:  Tomás Cámbre Street, in the esplanade by the fishermen in the stream, Barra de Valizas, Rocha, Uruguay.
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