Cabalgatas Valiceras

Calaveras trail ride

It is the ideal trail ride if you are planning to stay over at least one night in Cabo Polonio

  • Half a day
  • All levels
  • Barra de Valizas (Km. 271 of Route 10)


All the way along the beach to Cabo Polonio (only going or only coming)

It is the ideal trail ride if you are planning to stay over at least one night in Cabo Polonio; ask for more information on extra horse to carry your luggage or take the basics in the saddlebags we provide.


The meeting point is next to the mouth of Valizas stream, from where we set off early in the morning. We can also start in Cabo Polonio, following the trail in the opposite direction.The adventure starts; we cross the stream in the typical barger from Valizas… and the horses swim across!

We ride surrounded by dunes and sea once in the protected area of Cabo Polonio and Valizas’ sand dunes (National System of Protected Areas), declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

We climb up the Buena Vista Hill and stop to watch: sand dunes, ocean, sky, rocks and distant fishing villages.

Deserted wild beaches reveal the secrets of the true “Punta del Diablo” and its mysterious shipwrecks.

In the afternoon, galloping through Playa de las Calaveras, we cover paths which were used by natives, colonizers and pirates, to arrive at what we now call “Cabo Polonio”.

Arrival at Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio is a little fishing village without electricity, where the stars shine in a unique way, caressed by the beam of the lighthouse and rocked by the melody of howling seals. With peculiar architecture and hippie touches, Cabo Polonio is definitely an excellent place to visit!

*breaks included



  • Cel: +(598) 99 574 685
  • Information:  Tomás Cámbre Street, in the esplanade by the fishermen in the stream, Barra de Valizas, Rocha, Uruguay.
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