Cabalgatas Valiceras

Horseback Riding: Rocha to the fullest

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  • 7 days
  • Hi level riders (4-7 hours of horseback riding per day)
  • Guardia del Monte (Route 9, Km 261.5)

Horseback Riding: Rocha to the fullest


Cabalgatas Valiceras is your best choice to stay in touch with nature and Uruguayan tradition. We propose a memorable 7-day enjoyment on horseback; days in which you will discover the beauty of a small country with great charms… Dare to ride through our fields, forests, dunes, hills and beaches…, Get into the freedom of our environment.

For this adventure, we offer you well trained horses, and they shall be your loyal companions. During the tour, you will see an astonishing fauna: black-necked swans, exotic birds, capybaras at risk of extinction, sea turtles, whales and other treats from Rocha environment, which can only be seen by those who know how to appreciate…. you’ll see.

Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the most delicious local food. Some of the products that we offer are brought by the best national production places, and others are homemade by the lovely local people – many of them are fishermen and craftsmen- and they are very charming people. Everything has its magic.

As a finishing touch, after each day filled with enjoyment, we want you to feel complete… and at night you shall sleep very well in one of the accommodations that we have carefully selected. So that, when you rest your head on the pillow, we assure you that you will feel deeply comforted, and that both literal and metaphorically you will have ridden toward your dreams.




  • An incredible experience! The places that we’ve been to possess their own history… which Mauro, the guide, told us in detail. It is worth mentioning the beauty of the landscape… so different from each other, yet equally beautiful! But we are thankful to Mauro for his dedication, kindness and caring, to offer us all the possible safety. A very recommended ride, with the best company of your guide and your beautiful and well-treated horses. Greetings!




  • Dear people, by far the best ride in a long time!


Beyond the unbelievable landscape, Mauro is an excellent organizer and guide.

Big Hug!



  • Horseback riding is one of our most beautiful memories from Uruguay, we hope to return someday and repeat the experience. Those are life experiences that fill our souls and reach our hearts. Thank you Mauro!!!




*National Geographic Adventure Magazine voted within the TOP 25 from the new adventure trips in 2005:


* “(…) and I must say they were right!…. This tour was what I was looking for, and by far exceeded our expectations (…)”

Kenneth and Sandy Tschannen from Sugar Bush Ridge Farm, Minneapolis, USA, 2011.


* “Horseback riding is one of our most beautiful memories from Uruguay, we hope to return someday and repeat the experience. Those were life experiences that fill our souls and reach our hearts. Thank you Mauro!!!”

Silvina from Argentina, February 2013.


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DAY 1- This is the day destined to arrive, relax and discover Estancia Guardia del Monte… here you will have lunch, walk through its surroundings and it’s where you will stay at night. You will have a warm accommodation reserved for you, with old stone Spanish style walls, with burning fireplace and in close contact with nature. This magical place is located next to Castillos Lagoon, and will allow you to enjoy horseback riding on its extensive natural environment. We ensure that you will live the unbelievable peace of this place.

DAY 2- This day you will have breakfast at Estancia Guardia del Monte (mmm… imagine the coffee aroma and the warm homemade bread slowly conquering the countryside). Next you will want to take a walk around and go back to have lunch there. In this tour, you will visit Los Palmares where is possible to see birds, walk in the marshes, forests and meadows, and you will be surprised with the one and only Monte de Ombúes… It might also call your attention an Old Spanish town, where you will meet its iconic grocery and there you will taste typical butiá liquor. Then, you will go back to have dinner and relax, and so continue to enjoy the comfort of your room.

DAY 3- Once you feel great with a rich breakfast, we will saddle up a horse and you will begin to enjoy horseback riding to Valizas. You will be surprised with the beaches: fine sand, clear water and tranquility. You will have lunch in Barra de Valizas and later you will tour Briozzo Lagoon on horseback: a hidden forest and lagoon at the beach. After this we will take you to have dinner and relax at Posada Valizas, an accommodation specially designed for those seeking tranquility and who know how to appreciate little pleasures of life.

DAY 4- You will have some breakfast at Barra de Valizas, and once you’re satisfied and happy, we think you’ll be able to live the beautiful Cabo Polonio horseback ride… beaches surrounded by rocks and breathtaking dunes. Everything is designed so that there is nothing more important than nature: no paved roads, no electricity, no telephone, and no running water. You will have lunch in the midst of this paradise, then we will begin a guided tour, and seeing sea lions and birds are included! Later, we will return to Posada Valizas. Rest and the next day walk again!

DAY 5- In the morning, you will begin to smell the delicious breakfast, and once you try it, you will confirm your feeling about the terrific day, and also intense, that is going to be. And it will, we will give you free reigns to horseback ride to Punta del Diablo… As the journey will take some hours, we will make a stop on the way to have lunch and then we will continue towards this town of artisans and fishermen, with little colorful ranches and beautiful beaches. You will also spend the night there. You will fall in love.

DAY 6- After a delicious breakfast in Punta del Diablo, we will ride to Cerro Verde, a wildlife reserve in which the main stars are turtles (for sure you will love to meet this place) Then we will have a picnic in National Park of Santa Teresa, a place that gathers palm trees, colorful birds, peculiar rocks… After this experience of communion with the environment, you will ride again towards Punta del Diablo… where you will be able to have dinner and relax, to recover energy for the final day of enjoyment (it is very likely that you will be already planning a return date to Rocha! We believe that there is sooo many outstanding things that you haven’t seen yet this week!)

DAY 7- You can enjoy breakfast in Punta del Diablo and then delight with your horseback ride… having Laguna Negra as the target destination. Back to town, you will do a mental review for all the magical experiences that you had in the last days and it should give you a sense of freedom that will be hard to let go forever… So that, after having lunch, we trust that we can say “until next time” when telling you goodbye.

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(4-7 ridinghours per day)

u$s 2860 u$s455 u$s650 4/12 riders


  • Cel: +(598) 99 574 685
  • Information:  Tomás Cámbre Street, in the esplanade by the fishermen in the stream, Barra de Valizas, Rocha, Uruguay.
  • Mail: