Cabalgatas Valiceras

Natural Uruguay (7Days/6Nights)

  • 7 Days/6Nights
  • Experienced Riders
  • Barra de Valizas (Ruta 10, km 271); Pick-up from Montevideo

  • 7 Days and 6 Nights
  • Beautifully cared and trained Criollo’s horses.
  • Riding in stunning and varied natural landscapes (UNESCO Natural Biosphere Reserve and RAMSAR Site). Deserted beaches, green prairies, palm groove forest and wetlands are some of the sceneries we ride through.
  • Hidden and exclusive lodges in pristine locations, getting inside real Gaucho’s

An authentic horse riding adventure. Start and end point is in Montevideo.
Run as a set date departure and also as private group ride.
Uruguay, with the gaucho culture and pristine coastline, is made for riding. Discover
the charms of this tranquil South American hidden gem while journeying through the
beautiful province of Rocha on excellent horses in the company of the local horsemen.
Along deserted beaches, across pastures, through wetlands & woodlands, over rolling
hills; passing shipwrecks and skirting lagoons to arrive at estancias and laze on
verandas in idyllic locations. We spot a great variety of fascinating wildlife as we ride
through UNESCO reserves & national parks and sample the delicious local food and
Uruguayan wine with our delightful hosts.

DAY 1:

Morning departure in a private transfer from Montevideo to Valizas (3.5 hrs), a little
village on the Atlantic coast, rounded by extensive prairies, palm groove forest and
huge sand dunes. After leaving the luggage at the guesthouse, we have lunch in front
of the sea, with typical seafood of our coast. In the afternoon, we meet the horses and
ride through a pine forest. In this short, and easy ride we stop in the beautiful Hidden
Lagoon to have a dip at the sunset and we return along the pristine beach. Overnight
and dinner at guesthouse in Valizas. (3 hours day horse riding)

DAY 2:

After a special homemade breakfast we start early in the morning for a ride inland:
today most of the ride will be in UNESCO protected areas. Crossing pastureland and
wetlands of ancient working Estancias and bordering the beautiful Valizas River, we
reach the second biggest coast lagoon in Uruguay where this river borns: Castillos
Lagoon. After a gaucho style lunch under the great Ombus forest, ancient and unique
botanical formation in the world, we can have a siesta in a typical hammock or on the
ship skins of our saddles. In the afternoon we ride to Estancia Guardia del Monte, in a
wonderful scenic route in the UNESCO Natural Biosfera Reserve and RAMSAR site. East
Wetlands are home of hundreds of different birds, amphibians, fishes and wild animals
such as Rheas (Rhea Americana), several species of ibis such as Pink egret (Platalea
ajaja), Chaja (Chauna torquata), capibaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris), armadillos
(Dasypus novemcinctus), and so many others! We leave the lagoon shores and ride to
the Estancia Guardia del Monte, a bicentenary working estancia, for an overnight stay.
(4 to 5 hours day horse riding)

DAY 3:

The birds singing will be the only sound that can awake you in this estancia! Today we
will start riding along the shore, accompanied by the beautiful view of the Castillos
Lagoon. Mario, the expert gaucho of this area will guide us through an adventurous
crossing of the wetlands, and some challenger canters in the land of the estancia,
without forgetting some interesting stories of the numerous wildlife species of this
protected reserve. More than 250 species are registered in this lagoon, the most
common are the black-necked swan (Cygnus melancoryphus), coscoroba swan
(Coscoroba coscoroba ), the white-winged coot (Fulica leucoptera) and the great rhea
(Rhea Americana). In the afternoon we change the landscape from the wetlands to the
hills, riding across eucalyptus forest and open prairies to reach Estancia Tres Lunas.
With an incredible view from the highlands over the Castillos Lagoon and the palm
grove forest, this small-sized estancia is an exclusive place to enjoy! Overnight at
Estancia Tres Lunas. (4.5 to 5 hours day horse riding)


Today is a very special day in the horseback riding in Uruguay, because we give you the
opportunity to get close to the typical day life of the gaucho. Working with cattle by
horse, learning to use the lasso, and counting the sheep while they are running are just
some of the activities we will have the opportunity to do here. Are you ready to be a
Gaucho for a day?
Lunch, dinner and overnight at Estancia Tres Lunas. (4 to 5 hours day horse
riding-optional resting)

DAY 5:

Departing from the estancia, we ride across rolling hills and green pastures knowing a
typical rural area of Uruguay, characterized by small agriculture producers. So far from
the murmur of the city we can really appreciate the quiet silence of the hills, only
broken by the vultures soar overhead and the colorful parakeets screech at us as while
we pass by. In the afternoon we reach Chacra Las Pindó, where a natural viewpoint of
big rocks gives us a really amazing lookout of the hills around, Castillos and Black
Lagoon, palm groove forest, Valizas’ sand dunes and the ocean from which we started
this horse ride. This is our occasion to jump in the past in this rural area, disconnected
from the technology of daily life with no electricity but a beautiful fire under the stars.
Tonight we will overnight at Glamping Las Pindó, an exceptional connection between
nature and comfort, an idyllic location to fall asleep listening to the horses grazing
around the tents. (4 hours day horse riding)

DAY 6:

Leaving the rocky outcrops we ride east towards Valizas crossing through the dense
palm groove forest of Castillos, often seeing woodpeckers sitting in holes they have
drilled out of the palm trunks. This is a big ranching area and we sometimes meet
herds of cattle accompanied by the gauchos and their dogs. At midday we have lunch
at a wonderful location just in middle of the palm groove forest in a typical palm tree
cabin all made from this trees. The afternoon ride along empty beaches with firm sand
allows riders to enjoy some fast paced riding, an exhilarating afternoon. The chance of
sighting dolphins as we enjoy these pristine beaches, scattering flocks of seagulls and a
host of other birds as we canter by. (5 to 6 hours day horse riding)

DAY 7:

The hose ride starts with taking the horses across the mouth of a small estuary, ridden
or towed by boat, depending on the tides. A full day ride that takes us through a
fascinating dune system, now a national park, to Cabo Polonio -a fishing village turned
‘low key’ beach resort. The village is only accessible through these shifting sand dunes
making the village a fascinating outpost. Lunch at a typical local restaurant, with fresh
fish, seaweed and paella on the menú. Horseback ride back to Valizas via pine
forests. (4 to 5 hours day horse riding)



March to December 2018:

Price Based On Package For Two People: USD $2490 per person
Additional Charge For Booking Individual Ticket: USD $250 per person
Small Group Fee ( If Less Than 4 Riders Are Booked On A Package ): USD $870 per

February to December 2019:

Price Based On Package For Two People: USD $2640 per person
Additional Charge For Booking Individual Ticket: USD $265 per person
Small Group Fee ( If Less Than 4 Riders Are Booked On A Package ): USD $930 per

Includes: Every horseback riding and activity described in the itinerary, trilingual horse
and nature native guide (Spanish, English and Italian) during all the riding and visits,
backup transportation for the luggage during the different riding days, all horse ridings
and meals described on the itinerary (from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 7); pick up
from Montevideo to Valizas on private transfer at day 1, 2 nights at Valizas (private
double room with shared bathroom), 1 night at Estancia Guardia del Monte (private
double room with private bathroom), 2 nights at Estancia Tres Lunas (double room
with private bathroom), 1 night glamping at Las Pindó (includes 1 glamping tent every
2 riders, double bed and mattress), visit to the Cabo Polonio National Park, transfer
from Valizas to Montevideo at the end of day 7.
Not included: Medical insurance (mandatory), personal using articles, alcoholic
beverages, tips



March: 5th to 11th
April: 2nd to 8th
May: 1st to 7th
October: 8th to 14th
November: 5th to 11th
December: 3rd to 9th


February: 18th to 24th
March: 18th to 24th
April: 22th to 28th
May: 6th to 12th
October: 14th to 20th
November: 11th to 17th
December: 9th to 15th

Are this dates not suitable for you? Ask for private trip dates.


  • Cel: +(598) 99 574 685
  • Information:  Tomás Cámbre Street, in the esplanade by the fishermen in the stream, Barra de Valizas, Rocha, Uruguay.
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