There are certain rules that we all must know and follow in order to carry out this activity safely, minimizing risk and enjoying it to the maximum.


-Do not separate from the group during the trail ride. If it is necessary, ask the person in charge for permission.

-If a rider stays behind, do not gallop back to the group, this can cause horses in the front to get scared and cause an accident or another rider to fall. 50 meters before rejoining the group, you must change the pace to canter or trot in order to reach the group progressively.

-You must follow the instructions of the person in charge of the group, especially in these situations:

  • To change the pace from canter to trot and vice versa. If a rider needs to change the pace not following the directions of the person in charge, he/she must give warning in advance.
  • Do not gallop, only when the person in charge indicates a stretch suitable for galloping. If it is necessary, you must always give warning in advance.
  • In the course, direction and passage that the person in charge indicates.

-It is not allowed to carry guns during the trail ride.

-It is not allowed to litter with garbage, scraps, bags or paper, under any circumstances, in any place other than a container meant for that purpose.

-It is not allowed to harm the environment in any way, to take, disturb or hurt the different animal species that can be found along the way.

-It is not allowed to carry backpacks or any type of bags which do not fit in the saddlebags Cabalgatas Valiceras gives to the riders. In case a rider wants to take his/her own saddlebags, this must be approved by the team organizing the trail ride, as well as in the case of using his/her own tuck.

-Saddlebags must be filled as balanced as possible and shall be placed in the saddles only by someone in the team organizing the trail ride.

-It is not allowed that two people ride double on horse, except in the case of one adult with a child under 8 years old, provided that they weigh less than 95 kg in total.

-Since we are limited by the type of horses and the safety of our clients, we lack the necessary infrastructure to offer our services to people over 95 kg, therefore, it is not allowed that riders exceed that weight.

-Children under 8 years old must ride double with an adult (exceptions can be made at the discretion of the guide in charge at the moment of the trail ride).

-Riders under 18 years old must be in charge of a participating adult.

-In order to respect the environment and look after the safety of all people, whether participating or not, it is NOT allowed to smoke in any of our activities. It will only be allowed in certain times and circumstances specified by the guide in charge.

-Any rider that treats horses inhumanly, puts people in danger or behaves in a dysfunctional way shall be asked to leave the trail ride and will arrive to the destination in a means of transport provided by the organization at an extra cost, waiving the right to any refunds or damages.

-It is NOT allowed to drink alcohol during the trail ride. If the person in charge of the group considers a rider to be inebriated in a way that poses a threat to himself, herself, to other people or to the horses, may be suspended from the next stretch of the trail ride, or for the rest of the day, and will arrive to the destination in a means of transport provided by the organization at an extra cost and waiving the right to any refunds or damages.

-Recommended clothes:

  • long pants;
  • shoes (rubber-soled, as smooth as possible; ideal: riding boots);
  • long-sleeved shirt;
  • tight hat with chinstrap;
  • coat (even in summer, afternoons tend to be cool);
  • rain gear (at least if the weather forecast says there is a significant chance of rain during the trail ride).

-Use sunscreen all day long and reapply every few hours (even during winter the sun can burn when you are outdoors for a long period of time).

-Take enough water for the whole trail ride (at least half-a-liter bottle per person), since it will not be provided by the company.

-If you are on a medication that needs to be taken frequently and you consider there is a chance you may need it during the trail ride, be sure to take it with you at all times.

-If you are allergic, take anti-allergic medication with you at all times during the trail ride.

-The guide in charge will take a fist aid kit, which will only be used in case of emergencies. The guide is not qualified to administer any medication in cases which are not considered as emergencies.

-Beaches in Rocha are characteristically dangerous to take a swim, therefore, you must always ask the person in charge whether the beach is safe or not.

-It is recommended that you go to the bathroom in every stop and before leaving the hotel, since we will be travelling through beaches for several hours we will not have chances to use a bathroom. In case of an emergency, talk to the person in charge of the group.

Do not carry backpacks or bags on your shoulders during the trail ride, even when they can be tied to the saddle, they turn out to be awkward to carry after several hours. The ideal thing is to take saddlebags, which will be provided by the organization, but in any case it is recommended to take only clothes, personal documents and money.

-Have a light lunch, since we will also be riding in the afternoons.

-If it is hot, wear a swimsuit under your clothes during the trail ride.

-Do NOT wear jewelry or take any valuables to the trail ride.

-In case of taking your cell phone, be sure to make the necessary arrangements to have network coverage in Rocha.

-Give a copy of the trail ride schedule to a friend or family member, as well as the telephone number and location of Cabalgatas Valiceras, in case they need to contact you, even if you are taking your own cell phone.

-Leave your car keys in the hotel or in our meeting point in Barra de Valizas, it is safer than taking them with you and run the risk of losing them.

-In a dangerous or emergency situation, keep calm and only follow the instructions of the person in charge of the group.

-If a rider goes away and gets lost, call +(598) 99 574 685. If you cannot see any house, town or village, continue down the coast to the east (the sea always on to your right, the dunes and the countryside to the left) until you find a village, a house or a place where you can phone. Never go back towards the west, always move to the east.

-If a person under 15 years old gets lost, first he/she has to get off of the horse and let it wander, even if the horse goes away alone. After that, he/she should sit on the beach or in the path and wait until we get there.


  • Cel: +(598) 99 574 685
  • Information:  Tomás Cámbre Street, in the esplanade by the fishermen in the stream, Barra de Valizas, Rocha, Uruguay.
  • Mail:



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