7 Amazing horseback trails in Uruguay

7 Amazing Horseback Trails in Uruguay

If you are looking forward to a quiet place with a beautiful scenery, we have 7 horseback trails in Uruguay for you to make your dream come true. Look at our options:

1 Want a journey on horseback under the moonlight? We offer you a ride from dusk to the moon, we wander through the woods, the beach … for about 4 hours: Full Moon Ride

2 How about a journey on horseback by a lovely pond? This is a half day horseback trail through the mountains, discovering a hidden lagoon, and enjoying the beautiful beach: Lagoon Trail ride

3 How about a journey on horseback through historic roads? An invitation to go to the beach gallop Skulls, place hundreds of years ago was the scene of the life of Indians, settlers and pirates: Calaveras Trail Ride

4 Whant a journey riding on incredibly fine white sand? A day enjoying the beach, dunes, mountains and Cabo Polonio stream; a fishing village that has chosen to do without electricity: Cabo Polonio Trail Ride

5 How about a journey on horseback through incredibly beautiful places? This is a ride along the beach between the dunes, which is to live intensely the sights and adventures of Valizas for a few hours: Buena Vista Trail Ride

6 Whant a journey on horseback, without limits, to feel super free? 5 days enjoying good horses and beautiful corners depopulated Rocha … A perfect proposal to recharge and filled with much peace !: Endless Beach Horsback Trail

7 Whant a journey on horseback to deeply know the rochense beauty? 7 days to get in contact with nature and the best of the Uruguayan tradition. A tour that includes fields, woods, dunes, hills, beaches …: Horseback trail: Rocha to the fullest

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