10 photos that explain why you have to know Uruguay on a horseback ride

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Peace and well-being are two concepts that best define leisure riding know Uruguay. Horseback riding has played an important part in the history and folklore of this country and continues to be important to the economy. Enjoying the beautiful scenery is also one of the outputs. Here we try to...Read More »

Equestrian Tourism in Rocha, Uruguay

Feel the pleasure of equestrian tourism in Rocha, Uruguay

Have you ever thought about doing horse riding? Cabalgatas Valiceras invites you to feel the pleasure of practicing horseback riding in Rocha!

It is a wonderful experience to enjoy the beautiful uruguayan coast in a different way: a horseback … “A...Read More »

One Day Horseback tours in Uruguay

One Day Horseback tours in Uruguay

Craving full nature? In Cabalgatas Valiceras we have several options for you to enjoy fun horseback riding along the beautiful coast of Rocha.

Here we present you the …

Full Moon Trail Ride: a horse ride we do from Barra de Valizas to the woods, then we...Read More »

5 Benefits of Horseback Riding

5 Benefits of Horseback Riding

We found that a horseback ride has many health benefits! Why?

1 Our horseback rides are an excellent anti-stress … This helps the environment, the cool breeze from the beach, fine sand, clear water beaches of Rocha … far away from the office, far from problems and stress.

2...Read More »

Getting to know Uruguay : Why we suggest horseback riding Uruguay

Why horseback riding on Uruguay?

Here we tell you a few reasons why we consider  riding in Uruguay is an unmissable experience (based on Cabalgatas Valiceras proposals):


Because horseback riding is a super fun way to see the beautiful coast of Rocha


Because horseback riding is a way of knowing more and better...Read More »

7 Amazing horseback trails in Uruguay

7 Amazing Horseback Trails in Uruguay

If you are looking forward to a quiet place with a beautiful scenery, we have 7 horseback trails in Uruguay for you to make your dream come true. Look at our options:

1 Want a journey on horseback under the moonlight? We offer you a ride from dusk...Read More »

Horse riding Uruguay | 15 Safety Rules you should read before riding

Horse riding Uruguay | 15 Safety Rules you should read before riding

It is important to know that our priority is the safety of our activities. So for that we can all enjoy a wonderful, safe and stress-free ride, here we tell you what to previously consider …

1 During the ride should...Read More »

Horseback riding South America |Frequently Asked Questions

Horseback riding South America

Recommendations: Frequently asked questions

We give you a few tips to take into consideration before and during your horse ride. Our years of experience show us that they will surely be very helpful:

What should I wear?

  • Long trousers
  • Closed footwear (with rubber sole, as smooth as possible; preferably: riding boots)
  • Long-sleeved...Read More »


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