Equestrian Tourism in Rocha, Uruguay

Feel the pleasure of equestrian tourism in Rocha, Uruguay

Have you ever thought about doing horse riding? Cabalgatas Valiceras invites you to feel the pleasure of practicing horseback riding in Rocha!

It is a wonderful experience to enjoy the beautiful uruguayan coast in a different way: a horseback … “A board” ideally incredible scenery and towns lost between the coast and countryside compaign..

We invite you to trust Cabalgatas Valiceras for your ride in Uruguay! Our proposal includes horse riding trails that allow you to be in touch with nature and experience real adventures.

Why horse riding with us? Because we are a young company with a lot of experience, we are leaders in horseback riding on the coast of Rocha.

Our guide will tell you all the secrets of each of the places we visit.

Are you tempted? Well, the first thing you need to do is to choose what type of trail you like the best. You can see that we offer different possibilities, all designed to make you really feel comfortable with that you opt.

See Uruguayan Horse Trails
It is important that when you choose it, you consider its length and difficulty.

It can last from several hours to several days and be more or less intense. Among other things, we also recommend that you go prepare comfortable clothing and shoes to practice.

Did you choose? Come on! It´s time to walk on white sand, through forests, see the full moon, visit the lake and more!

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  • Cel: +(598) 99 574 685
  • Information:  Tomás Cámbre Street, in the esplanade by the fishermen in the stream, Barra de Valizas, Rocha, Uruguay.
  • Mail: [email protected]


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