Horse riding Uruguay | 15 Safety Rules you should read before riding

Horse riding Uruguay | 15 Safety Rules you should read before riding

It is important to know that our priority is the safety of our activities. So for that we can all enjoy a wonderful, safe and stress-free ride, here we tell you what to previously consider …

1 During the ride should never turn away from the group. If you have no other choice and have to walk away, ask permission to the group leader.

2 If you get behind the group, please: Do not you ever gallop! (That would scare the rest of the horses and cause a fall or accident). The right thing would be that at 50 feet from where the group is, you change the trot or pace, and again little by little.

3 The person who will lead the tour is one of our absolute confidence, so we ask that you also trust him.  And follow all directions. Especially the following:

* To switch to a trot and vice versa. If you need a change of pace outside of these guidelines, please let the guide know!
* No gallops, unless he tells you. If you absolutely need to, also alerts!
* Always follow the direction, management and passages says.

4 For your safety and that of all, you are not allowed to carry weapons during the rides.

5 We do not want the beauty of Rocha being polluted  … so we encourage you to throw garbage, refuse, paper bags or receptacles intended only for such purposes.

6 We love the environment around us. We take care … and encourage their maintenance, so we reject any kind of depredation; or actions, such as take, disturb or harm different animal species that are in our way. Help us care for.

7 We allow carrying saddlebags and / or harness of your own prior approval, if not, you can not carry bags that don´t fit into the saddlebags provided.

8 The saddlebags on your horse will be placed by one of our organizers (must fill as evenly as possible!)

9 We love our horses. That makes us take care that none feel overworked:  Except in the case of an adult with a child under 8 years old and that together weigh no more than 100 kg) can not ride with another person.

10 We tell you that we are limited by the type of our horses and the safety of our riders … at the moment we do not have the capacity to provide service to people with more than 120 kg.

11 For a security issue, the smaller children can not go by themselves: children under 8 years old must be with an adult in charge of the horse (exceptions may be made at the discretion of the guide in charge at the time of the riding).

12 If a person under 18 years of age wants to participate on our beautiful rides, they should do it with an adult guardian.

13 We do not allow smoking (except at such times and under such conditions as the guide in charge specifies): as we told you before, we want to protect the environment in all aspects of what we consider possible, and because we want you and all participants fully enjoy our activities.

14 To make you feel calm, you do know that any rider who mistreat horses jeopardizes their safety or yours, have any type of dysfunctional behavior for the group, it may be suspended from riding. You will be given a means of transport to return to their point of arrival at extra cost, and you can not claim any refund or compensation.

15 Finally, you can not drink alcohol during the ride. So if the group leader believes that a rider is in a state of alcohol addiction such that a danger to himself, for yourself or horses, we may suspend the next leg of the ride, or the day. You will be given a means of transport to return to your point of arrival at extra cost, and without claiming any refund or compensation.


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